Teenager abducted into human trafficking

Linda Bartlett 39 of New Bedford Massachusetts wanted to tell her story in hope of bringing this terrible crime to people’s attention.

“When I was 15 years old I experienced the most horrendous thing you could ever imagine, it`s took me a very long time to come to terms with what happened and even longer to be able to talk about it, but I figure by telling this story it may help someone else and also make people aware that this is going on today!”

“I had only gone to the corner store down the road to get a few items my mother had requested for dinner that night. As I walked the short distance back home a car pulled up alongside me with a lady showing me a map asking for directions. As I moved closer to help her a guy suddenly grabbed me from behind and bundled me into the back of the car.”

“He put a cloth over my nose and mouth that made me feel like I was floating, I was totally powerless to stop them driving me off.”

“When I came to my senses, I was in a house with several other girls roughly my age, I think anyway. I had no idea where the house was, but it had serious security with no windows and heavily locked doors, we weren’t even allowed to talk to one another. We were all very scared.”

“Basically, to cut a long story short we had been sold into human trafficking as sex slaves. Wealthy men would fly in from all over the world on business trips and stop off for a few hours and we would have to entertain them in any perverted way they wanted!”

“I was held captive for 5 years! They made me sleep with hundreds and hundreds of these filthy men with no hope of ever escaping back into the outside world. The whole time all I could think about was my family and how much I missed them and wanted to be with them but in all honesty, I was running out of hope. But I still kept praying.”

“Then one day my prayers were answered when cops stormed the place releasing us, we were met by a whole army of press reporters eager for our account of what had happened. Thankfully the cops held them back and took us away from them where we were all reunited with our families. It was incredibly emotional.”

“The really shocking part of this whole ordeal was the fact the house we were held prisoner in was less than 10 miles from where I lived! It was on a regular housing estate and no one had the slightest idea what was going on behind those walls. Apparently, the cops had an anonymous tip-off from someone who remains unknown, but whoever you are thank you so much for giving me the chance to escape this hell-hole and live my life freely again.”

The start of this awful ordeal was when Linda was first grabbed and bundled into the back of the car, a little self-defense knowledge here could have stopped that happening and prevented the 5 years of hell that was about to happen to Linda.

This is a shocking and very sad story; many people have no idea this kind of thing is really happening nowadays. The fact this all happened within a few miles of her home and no one knew is very sad and terrible.

Human trafficking is thought to be one of the fastest growing activities of world-wide criminal organizations. Human trafficking is also condemned as a violation of human rights.

*51% of identified victims of trafficking are women, 28% children and 21% men.

*72% people exploited in the sex industry are women.

*63% of identified traffickers were men and 37% women.

*43% of victims are trafficked domestically within national borders.

(Estimates by The United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime-UNODC).

Has this evil crime happened to you or anyone you know? Take up self-defense to give yourself a fighting chance! Sometimes that’s all you need to stay safe.

Author: Nigel Taylor

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