Is hiring an online trainer right for you?

Today’s blog asks the question is hiring an online trainer right for you? After reading this hopefully the answer will be clearer for you. Let`s take a closer look at a both options.

Regular at-the-gym personal training

Some people who do hire personal trainers like the accountability of going to see a trainer in a gym as they know otherwise they simply wouldn’t have the discipline to do it by themselves and would never get the results without the help of their trainer, so if this is you then the online approach might not be for you.

Going to the gym allows you face-to-face interaction with a personal trainer and sometimes a team of trainers. It means that you have access to high-tech fitness equipment without having to invest a large up-front cost. As you train more frequently, exercise can become more motivating and a part of your everyday routine and hopefully something you are unlikely to miss.

The personal contact with trainers and gym buddies can also be extremely helpful when it comes to making sure that you are getting the best workout experience possible. Personal trainers at the gym will no doubt give you an effective and efficient fitness program and workout routine. Their goal is to train you to achieve the body that you want. To do this they will pretty much tell you what to do and how to do it. However, it ends there. Basically, no personal relationship is necessary for a personal trainer to be effective and some gyms may give you the feeling of being part of a production line which can be nothing like `personal` training. This can be a bad thing for some individuals who have a hard time performing under the pressure of a trainer.

Online personal training

Living in the digital age as we undoubtably are, an online trainer can be effective at making sure that people get the motivation they need via email, texts or skype calls all of which can keep people motivated when they might otherwise struggle. That means that the level of accountability offered by a physical gym is still there, but the mobility allowed by the online trainer offers you more of a chance to remain mindful of fitness throughout the day.

An online trainer or fitness coach can also offer a wider range of different activities because the users aren’t bound to a gym, for example they can go for long runs over rough terrain, engage in sports, and perform all manner of exercise that a gym normally wouldn’t allow, the possibilities are endless.

They will also guide you, create exercise programs and workout routines for you just as a regular trainer would, but only this time it will be at your own pace. The goal of online coaching is not to put you under a lot of pressure, but rather to encourage and motivate you to achieve your fitness goals. This is extremely effective for individuals who would prefer to workout privately away from prying and sometimes judgmental eyes while you perform listening to your favorite music. A gym cannot cater to everyone`s musical taste but this is your session and no one else’s so listen to whatever makes you motivated. Plus of course a regular trainer in a gym isn’t likely to allow you to workout with head or earphones on during a session blanking them out.

For those who don’t really like going to meet a trainer at the gym but have hired trainers in the past many of you will probably relate to this situation, you don’t feel good or had a hard day at work and have a training session scheduled later that night and for whatever reason just don’t feel like going, now of course if you don’t go you’ll most likely get charged and forfeit the session for cancelling or not showing up as the trainer is already there waiting for you, on the other hand if you do go you’re so tired and unmotivated you won’t get anything beneficial out of it anyway, so basically it’s a no win situation when this occurs. If this describes you then hiring an online trainer might work well for you.

​Many people such as beginners might feel a little intimidated by hiring a personal trainer at a gym, they might prefer to work out alone but not quite sure how to get the best results and would welcome a little expert advice to help them get started on the correct path, then hiring an online trainer gives you the best of both worlds as you still get to work out privately but also with the guidance to give you a solid foundation avoiding frustration and wasted time spent in the gym. 

Let’s face it, hiring a personal trainer at a gym certainly isn’t the cheapest service available, so one of the biggest benefits of the online approach by far is the actual cost of the service, the cost for hiring an online trainer is significantly lower than going the traditional method. Everyone is about saving money these days so that’s certainly something to take into consideration when deciding if this method of training is for you or not.


An online personal trainer or fitness coach can help you achieve your desired health and fitness goals with the benefit of training wherever you wish to do it, whether it be in a gym or the comfort of your home, but most importantly it’s your decision where and when you want to work out. That being said, you still need the discipline to actually do the training sessions without a trainer by your side, so you have to decide is this the right option for you. People are different, what suits one doesn’t suit another.

So, after comparing the advantages or disadvantages as you perceive online training to be, if you do feel this is for you then I can certainly help you, with almost 30 years of experience as a certified personal trainer, kickboxing and self-defense instructor and sports nutritionist I know what works! Please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you achieve your fitness goals online or otherwise.

This question is open to both trainers and clients alike; Have you tried the online approach? Was it successful or not for you and what reason best describes your answer?

Author: Nigel Taylor

I`m Nigel Taylor – originally from England – owner of The Backyard Gym in Round Rock Texas. We specialize in personal training, kickboxing cardio and self-defense. With over 25 years experience as a personal trainer, I know what works! From weight loss to bulking up to toning up, I can help you get your desired look and achieve your fitness goals. I can also offer you the privacy of a 100% private personal training studio in which to enjoy and get the most out of your workouts.