If you’re not prepared to follow a diet, don`t say they don’t work!

All in moderation

In today`s blog we deal with the issue of the total disregard for any kind of healthy diet and how the love of junk food can be an obsession for some claiming diets don’t work!

You can very quickly realize who is going to take their training seriously and who isn’t, especially when it comes to weight loss as very few clients seem unable to accept any kind of responsibility and accountability where diet is concerned.

This service isn’t the same as paying for something at the store such as a television that gives you instant gratification, take it home plug it in and there you go! You have what you paid for. This service requires patience and time to see a change, including of course a diet!

My client that had no interest in diets!

However, this particular client was definitely different as she made it very clear she wasn’t going to even try a diet and wasn’t concerned about losing weight in the slightest.

Margaret came to me 50lb overweight and quite content to stay that way, she wanted to do kickboxing 3 times a week as more of a hobby than anything else, basically an excuse to get her out of the house for 3 hours every week. I wasn’t quite prepared for what was in store….

Right from the first minute of the first session Margaret went into great detail about what she had eaten the night before, or more to the point what she hadn’t eaten as she had consumed enough calories to keep an entire army marching for a week! This was all she talked about the full hour, fried this fried that! “You should try this and try that” she excitedly told me.

I tried explaining to her as a trainer I`m expected and indeed need to keep up a reasonable appearance, after all, who is going to hire an out of shape trainer? Her response “Your loss, you don’t know what you’re missing!” I`m thinking believe me, I know exactly what I’m missing! By the end of the first session I’m feeling sick from listening to this non-stop barrage of junk food to the point I actually feel like I ate all that junk!

Apart from listening to this nonsense, she also tells me constantly how I’m preventing her from being at home sat on the sofa watching television eating junk! Isn’t that the whole point of hiring me in the first place? I mean, she came to me, I didn’t beg her to give up her precious sedentary lifestyle! And right now, I’m kind of wishing that’s exactly where she was!

The next few sessions are all the same, non-stop talking about fried food. Now she’s telling me how she put on weight over the weekend and seems to be quite pleased with herself for doing so! “I can’t understand it, my workout pants don’t fit anymore, I’ve put on weight since training with you, told you diets don’t work.” she explains jokingly! I just laugh, but this isn’t a good situation because if she starts telling people she’s hired a trainer and gained weight that doesn’t exactly give me a good name or reputation or credibility. So, these kinds of clients can be more trouble than they’re worth.

19 fried shrimp before bed, seriously?

She complains about severe heartburn throughout the next session and says she was unable to sleep last night and can’t understand why, so I asked her “So what did you eat last night?” she amazes me with her response “Oh I had 19 large fried shrimp wrapped in bacon.” then she goes on to explain she ate all that at 11pm then went straight to bed! That could have something to do with the fact you couldn’t sleep! Just a slight possibility, I think.

So, Margaret trained with me for 4 months-before she quit to return to her precious lazy ways-and gained 20lb! That’s a nice steady 5lb a month gain in weight! How wonderful! Her departing last words were “diets don’t work!” Well, they certainly don’t, when you don’t even try to be on one! The only diet Margaret knew was the old see food diet, see food and eat it!


Many people seem to think the word diet means starvation! Which of course isn’t true at all, moderation is the key here. You can still enjoy your favorite food and drinks, but be sensible about it, if you’re eating fried food everyday and drinking beer everyday do you honestly think you’ll get results? Of course not, so let’s not hear any more of this `diets don’t work` if you’re not even trying to be on one. It gets old very quickly and really proves nothing more than you aren’t taking it seriously.

Any trainers out there had similar clients who just can’t and won’t give up their junk food? Or does this story describe you? If so, you might want to re-think your opinion on diets.

Author: Nigel Taylor

I`m Nigel Taylor – originally from England – owner of The Backyard Gym in Round Rock Texas. We specialize in personal training, kickboxing cardio and self-defense. With over 25 years experience as a personal trainer, I know what works! From weight loss to bulking up to toning up, I can help you get your desired look and achieve your fitness goals. I can also offer you the privacy of a 100% private personal training studio in which to enjoy and get the most out of your workouts.