Think before you act, it may prevent danger

Learn to really pay attention. Think before you act, prevention is the best defense, by avoiding certain situations you can minimize your risk of being attacked, such as scanning your environment for suspicious activity and being alert at all times instead of just blindly walking around. Avoid dangerous areas like poorly lit and isolated places, late at night in unfamiliar territory, and stay away from people who might be prone to violence such as drunks or gangs.

Unfortunately, even if you are street smart, there are too many incidents of random, unprovoked violence nowadays. If someone attacks you, your life may be in danger. You must react quickly and confidently. The longer you wait, the harder it may become to free yourself. There is no time for social graces, or being polite and reserved, you must respond as the situation requires. Anything goes! After all, an attacker is not coming for your autograph! Do whatever is necessary to gain an advantage and get out of there quickly. But think before you act, it could save this situation from even happening.

Don’t put yourself in danger

Many assaults and robberies are done by opportunists. They are not specifically out to get you yourself, but rather someone, anyone. Walking around the streets talking on a cell phone, listening to music through headphones and openly showing off expensive jewelry can be huge distractions and dangers that could make you the next victim of an opportunist. Do not make yourself vulnerable in this manner. Again, think before you act.

If you must go walking around at night if it’s at all possible plan out exactly where you are going and walk there confidently looking like you know where you are, do not slowly walk around looking lost like some kind of mesmerized tourist looking at everything in sight. This will simply put you right on top of an opportunists list to be robbed or assaulted. Think before you act.

Think about what you’re doing

Many dangerous situations can be avoided by using common sense. For example, park your vehicle somewhere that does not offer concealment to a potential attacker to lie in wait for your return especially if it’s after dark, think about what you’re doing, don’t make it easy for them. Think before you act, I cannot stress the importance of this.

Surprise attacks can be very difficult to deal with especially if you are distracted by the above things we just mentioned and not concentrating. Not only could you be taken out with the first blow it’s also very difficult to get into a combative mind set while you are hurt and in shock over actually being assaulted. But for someone who is well trained in self-defense it’s easy to immediately switch on the aggression and deal with the situation you now find yourself in, after all, this is the reason you went to self-defense training in the first-place right? It’s not all about learning something for a hobby, you may have to use these skills one day! 

One carefully aimed and controlled punch is way more effective than flailing wildly with your head down like some kind of outof-control-windmill or something just hoping you might get lucky and hit your attacker. The chances are you won’t succeed.

So, it’s better not to be caught by surprise if at all possible. Staying in lit public places will give you a better chance of staying safe. Even then, you must still be on your guard at all times.

Deceptive attackers often use distraction techniques such as asking you for the time or for a cigarette. This gives them the opportunity to get in close enough to you in order to launch their attack without warning. If at all possible do not let a stranger get within arm’s reach. Once inside that area you could be in serious danger.

If you find yourself in this position and are feeling uneasy with this stranger do not just stand there, to any passersby you will look like two people having a conversation and they won’t know what’s really happening. Stepping back with your arms raised will send the alarm bells ringing alerting passersby you need help. If you follow these 5 steps, you will have a better chance of staying safe and getting help.

5 helpful steps to follow

1)   If you are feeling uneasy about this stranger approaching you put your hands up, this is a sign that says you are not interested. 

2)  If you really sense you are in danger shout at your attacker before he gets too close “Back off!” he may suddenly run away at this point. This will also give passersby notice that you might be in an uncomfortable situation leading to a confrontation and may need their help.

3)  It`s possible no passersby may be visible and if he is still coming towards you it’s now time to scream and shout loudly! This will hopefully make him run and also alert people, after all, even if they can’t see you, they can hear you and come to your rescue.

4)  When all else has failed it’s time to defend yourself. With your hands raised to protect against punches or grabs, step back on your strongest leg, you are now in a position to deliver a very strong kick if need be.

5)  If you managed to stun your attacker, you may possibly have only had a few seconds before he recovers and comes at you again, do not stand there admiring your handy work, get away as fast as possible! You have been given a chance to survive, take it and run!

If attacked, you’ll do 1 of 3 things

Now, having said all that, until you actually do get attacked you cannot possibly know what you would do, you can only imagine what you might do and with the adrenalin flowing like crazy your actions might not be exactly what you had hoped, but I can guarantee you will do one of the following 3 things…

1)   Freeze and get attacked and possibly injured!

2)   Fight back!

3)   Turn and run away!

The last option would be the safest of the 3 options ensuring no harm comes to you, the first option is by far the worst thing to do as you are going to get attacked for sure in one way or another. The second option is very risky as again you risk being injured; you can only hope your attacker would run away because you took him by surprise by fighting back. But like I said, you won’t know for sure until it actually happens, we can only hope you never have to find out.

It`s impossible to be attack proof!

It would be impossible to make yourself completely attack proof, but you can make yourself be an undesirable target, not by acting tough and aggressive as these actions can trigger an attack, but there are a few measures you can take that will make a potential attacker overlook you and search for an easier target instead by staying focused and looking alert, remember if you’re the type that’s wandering around in a world of your own listening to music you are making yourself a very easy target to sneak up on, by the time you realize what’s happened it could be too late.

How a potential attacker sees your posture and demeanor are two highly important things that could dictate whether you get attacked or not, a slouched looking down at the ground kind of posture makes you a much easier target than someone who is upright, alert and businesslike. Think before you act.


Basically, if you appear to be confident and comfortable in your surroundings you are much less likely to be an attacker’s next victim. Try to always think before you act and potentially put yourself in danger, that way you might avoid any unwanted confrontations and fights. Remember, when it comes to your safety prevention is always better than the cure.

A good everyday self-defense tool to carry around-especially for the ladies-is a ball point pen, while it seems like a very innocent looking item it can be easily concealed and it really can be used to great effect by placing your thumb over the top and jabbing your attacker anywhere you can hit! It will deliver a very painful blow and could easily get you out of a very dangerous situation. Think before you act.

Author: Nigel Taylor

I`m Nigel Taylor – originally from England – owner of The Backyard Gym in Round Rock Texas. We specialize in personal training, kickboxing cardio and self-defense. With over 25 years experience as a personal trainer, I know what works! From weight loss to bulking up to toning up, I can help you get your desired look and achieve your fitness goals. I can also offer you the privacy of a 100% private personal training studio in which to enjoy and get the most out of your workouts.