Attacked while working!

Attacked while working!

Attacked while working! Todays blog covers the dangers of being attacked at work, where a little self-defense knowledge could have prevented the attack. While these attacks are not common in such professions, it is an example of how anyone could be the victim of an attack regardless of profession.

Here`s a few true stories I found online to help show the need for self-defense.

Security Guard Dangers!

Attacked while working! When security guard John Dolby 45 of Riverhead New York had completed his last patrol of the evening he settled down in his security cabin with a book not expecting to be disturbed for the remaining few hours of his shift. This evening however, it didn’t quite work that way.

“After I had received the last delivery truck each night I was instructed under no circumstances to allow anyone else to enter through the gates, this was a firing offense to do so, so naturally I never did, a few tried it but I never let them in no matter how angry they became, after all this is my job and I don’t make the rules. Actually, that’s what I would tell them. Some would accept it and leave, others would argue and call me all the names under the sun.”

“Anyway, this particular night I heard some noise outside, the worrying thing was it wasn’t outside the gates but inside. I knew there was only me there as the short night shift crew had already left, well, I thought there was only me there!”

“I grabbed my flashlight and radio and went to check it out, immediately I was surrounded by three guys, one grabbed my radio before I could even shine the flashlight at them. All I remember was being ferociously beaten to the ground under a barrage of punches! The last thing I could feel was them taking the keys off my belt before they kicked me unconscious.”

John was found by the day shift workers who arrived a couple of hours later who knew something wasn’t right when they couldn’t get in the gate, and with no security guard visible they got suspicious.

When a manager arrived and unlocked the gates, they immediately called an ambulance and the cops once they discovered John unconscious on the ground.

He had sustained a broken arm, broken nose, broken cheek bone, severely bruised and swollen eyes and several broken ribs after this vicious attack which was caught on a security camera but the attackers wore black coats with hoods over their faces and got away with thousands of dollars’ worth of stolen goods and were never caught as it was impossible to identify any of them. John quit his job after the attack.


In this story self-defense might not have saved John from the vicious attack but it would have given him a fighting chance. Possibly his injuries would have been no way near as severe with just a little self-defense training allowing him to fight back.

Anytime you’re surrounded by up to three attackers the odds are seriously not in your favor at all no matter what you can do, self-defense doesn’t make you invincible, but it does give you a fighting chance, and sometimes that’s all you need to survive.

Hardly surprising John quit his job after this brutal attack. I mean, who could honestly say they’d feel safe after what happened and carry on? Not too many I’m sure.

I’ve talked to several security guards and surprisingly enough, security guards are given very little or no self-defense training at all. I think that’s something companies should consider providing as just a little self-defense knowledge could be a lifesaver.

Realtor Attacked While Working!

Attacked while working! When Joanne Camden 35 of Portland Oregon had an appointment to show a client around a new house, she had no reason to think it would be different from the many other occasions she had done this service. Today however, was going to really be her nightmare come true!

Joanne explains “I had arranged to meet a couple of newlyweds at a brand-new house that had only just been built the previous week and this was the first house to be completed so was quite a lonely area.”

“I got there early and went through the rooms making sure I had my presentation how I wanted it, nothing looks worse than you are acting like you’ve never seen the house before, so I always like to do this first, it`s more professional and gives the client more confidence in my ability.”

“All was well until the guy showed up without his wife claiming she didn’t feel too good, at the time the alarm bells weren’t ringing but probably should have really as it’s kind of strange that only one would come to see a new house, kind of an important thing to do together being newlyweds you would think, I mean, usually they’d cancel and reschedule so both can see it. Come to think of it I had never spoke to his wife, only him, she was never available.”

“As I was showing the guy around, he seemed perfectly normal until we got to the back of the house where the bedroom would be, as we entered the room, he closed the door behind us locking it. Before I could say anything, he was immediately on me like lightning! Pushed me to the ground hitting me then raped me. I was no match for his strength and couldn’t stop him, I tried but just couldn’t.”

Joanne was sexually assaulted; the attacker ran off but was quickly caught by local police once she called them. The security cameras showed him running out of the house.

It turned out the guy wasn’t even married, just a scammer with a history of violent attacks. He is currently awaiting trial.

Joanne suffered cuts and bruises and needed counseling after her horrific ordeal.


This story really shows how dangerous certain jobs can be. Most of the time it’s not like that of course, but the unthinkable can and does happen.

A little self-defense knowledge really could have helped here and could have prevented the terrible ending. It was interesting when Joanne said her attacker was too strong for her to stop the attack, the beauty of self-defense of course is the fact you don’t have to be strong to use it effectively as it’s all about technique not strength.

This story had red flags all over it! Meeting a client in such a remote area was never a good idea, possibly a co-worker or friend could have gone for back up. The fact the guy came without his wife and she was never available was a big red flag.

Easy to say afterwards of course but better preparation could have saved the day here. Like the saying goes; prevention is better than the cure.

Nurse Attacked by Patient!

Attacked while working! Maria Needham 27 of Aurora Illinois has spent 6 happy years being a nurse at the local hospital without incident until one night changed everything.

“I was on my regular night shift and on this particular night we were short staffed so a co-worker and myself had the whole ward to take care of which was ok, just would take a little longer until day shift started.”

“Not a big deal, I mean, what could go wrong? I`m still doing the same job as any other night.” Well, quite a lot was about to wrong on this night for Maria.

“I had gone into a small storage room for some clean blankets when suddenly the door closed behind me and the lights went out! I called out who is it? what do you want? But no response at all.”

“This is when it started to really creep me out as I could clearly see the shadow of someone stood there but no one was responding to my questions, my heart-rate suddenly increased, and I began to sweat.”

“For a few tense seconds I was totally frozen in fear not knowing what to do next, but before I could say anything else, they grabbed me and wrestled me to the ground hitting me a few times in the process and knocking several items off the shelves.”

“The other nurse on duty heard the commotion and had alerted security who came and restrained my attacker who was a patient in my ward, a particularly nasty elderly man who always thought it funny to talk dirty to me, I guess this attack proved he had more on his mind than just talking dirty.”

“The worrying thing to me was the fact that even though he was twice my age he was also twice as strong as myself and I was powerless to stop him, I’d hate to think what he would have done had security not arrived in time. I can see now the fact he turned out the lights is what really saved me simply because that’s what alerted my co-worker to see what all the noise was.”

After this attack Maria quit her job not feeling safe anymore doing the job she loved.


This is another example of how certain jobs carry a risk from attack and yet another example of workers needing training in self-defense.

It was only by luck Maria`s co-worker heard the commotion going on in the storage room after the patient had turned out the lights before attacking Maria.

A little self-defense training here could really have stopped the attack before it even started by putting the patient in a restraining hold avoiding injury to both sides and not putting Maria in a position of feeling unsafe and needing to quit her job.

At first you might be surprised reading about a nurse being attacked on duty by a patient but think about it, they are in a vulnerable position at times and certainly would benefit knowing some self-defense.

School Teacher Victim of Attack!

Attacked while working! Mary Ellis 56 of Atlanta Georgia had been a schoolteacher for over 30 years without incident until one day when her life was suddenly put in danger.

“I had always enjoyed my job as school art teacher very much, most of the kids were a joy to teach, now, occasionally you get a few that are difficult and even rude, comes with the job of course. I mean, what would life be without a challenge every so often?”

“A challenge is one thing, but I never expected to have my life put in danger! I had been having a few problems with one awkward student who just couldn’t seem to get along with anyone, students or teachers. He was definitely my biggest challenge so far in my career.”

“On this particular day this student who I won’t name had been really abusive towards me, it was like I could feel this whole thing escalating into something nasty, however, we managed to get through the lesson with no more drama and I have to be honest, I was very relieved.”

“As I was leaving the classroom the same student was waiting outside and came walking towards me in a very confrontational manner. It seemed to happen in slow motion, almost as if I knew what he was going to do but I froze and couldn’t react. He said something quite nasty that I won’t repeat and without warning plunged a craft knife into my stomach.”

“I immediately went down clutching my stomach as the student was wrestled to the ground by students and teachers who were nearby. This must have been my lucky day as the knife struck the metal buckle on my belt and broke off before it could do any real damage leaving me with a small cut that only required a couple of stitches.”

“I refuse to allow this incident to make me quit the job I love! Instead I started taking self-defense classes, if anything like this ever happens again maybe I’ll be able to defend myself and not freeze like I did during this incident, and apart from that the self-defense classes are a lot of fun.”

The student was arrested and sent to a young offender’s home and Mary continues to do the job she loves thankfully without further incident.


This story once again shows how certain jobs can put you at risk from an attack, not sure everyone would think being a schoolteacher could be so dangerous.

Mary had a miraculous escape from the knife attack receiving only a small cut when it could have been so much more serious, or even fatal. The fact the blade hit her belt buckle was very lucky indeed.

It was good that Mary realized with a little self-defense knowledge this attack could have been stopped immediately and avoiding injury to herself. She is now having fun taking self-defense classes.

She showed a great attitude after the attack by not letting this incident force her to quit the job she loved.

It just goes to show, you’re never too old to learn self-defense and have fun learning, what could be better than that combination? Like the old saying goes, better late than never.


Four different professions, but all the stories have one thing in common, the need for self-defense knowledge.

While attacks are not common in the professions you just read, it is an example of how anyone could be the victim of an attack regardless of profession.

Learn Self-defense and give yourself a fighting chance, sometimes that’s the only chance you need to survive!

Author: Nigel Taylor

I`m Nigel Taylor – originally from England – owner of The Backyard Gym in Round Rock Texas. We specialize in personal training, kickboxing cardio and self-defense. With over 25 years experience as a personal trainer, I know what works! From weight loss to bulking up to toning up, I can help you get your desired look and achieve your fitness goals. I can also offer you the privacy of a 100% private personal training studio in which to enjoy and get the most out of your workouts.