Act Confidently and Strike With Accuracy

Act confidently and strike with accuracy

Act confidently and strike with accuracy, a person’s body language can often give warning and prepare you for a possible confrontation but always be prepared for the sudden unprovoked attack! Walking around in a confident manner will make you less of a target

Don’t react like a victim

Act confidently. How you react to a potential confrontation is very important. There is nothing wrong with being polite and considerate as long as you make it very clear that you are choosing to be civil rather than being coerced by the aggressor. Act confidently and strike with accuracy, It is possible to head off many potentially serious problems by taking a stand early on and making it clear that you have no intentions of accepting the situation that could develop. 

Deterrence. This stand can take one of two forms, which are best described as deterrence and de-escalation. Deterrence is quite a bold response, even though it doesn’t have to be aggressive or rude, basically you’re making a bold statement saying enough is enough! The only problem with this being if you’re not a match physically for the potential attacker it could be like waving a red flag to a bull leading to an escalation of the situation.

De-Escalation. This is just the opposite approach, you are trying to appeal to his good nature, assuming he has one that is. Instead of making a bold response you try to calm things down or make an excuse for why you are backing off, this might mean you are apologizing for something you haven’t even done in the first place! But if it ends the possible threat then take that to be a victory. De-Escalation can be a good strategy as it allows the potential attacker to go on his way believing he made you stand down in fear of him. However, many confrontations are fueled by nothing more than over inflated egos so this strategy could backfire on you by pushing him down onto a position in which his ego forces him to attack you. Think wisely before using either of these two strategies.

Know where an attacker’s hands are

During a confrontation always make sure you know where your potential attacker’s hands are at all times, while you can see them the biggest threat is receiving a punch but when their hands disappear under clothes there’s a good chance they will produce a weapon such as a knife. If this happens don’t wait to see what they surprise you with! The moment their hand goes under clothing act fast! Lunge forward jamming their arm against their body while delivering a barrage of strikes with your other hand. A knife threat will be much easier to deal with while it’s still concealed under clothing, but once drawn and out in the open the danger level has been significantly increased. Act confidently, and deal with the threat accordingly.

If you are facing an attacker who has you at gun point, you are in a whole new level of danger! No matter how good you are at martial arts you aren’t going to dodge a bullet! It’s not like in the movies where the hero avoids the bullets with his lightning fast reflexes, try this in the real world and you will be seriously injured or killed in seconds! 

If you are facing someone at gunpoint, then you are most likely about to be robbed. Whatever possessions the attacker wants give them up immediately! Remember, your attacker doesn’t have to be close to you for you to be hurt with a gun. This isn’t the time to play the hero dodging bullets like on some movies, doesn’t work that way at all.

Bottom line is this, your life is seriously on the line! No matter how valuable items may be for the most part they can be replaced. Your life however, cannot!

Confrontations can suddenly erupt!

Confrontations even between friends can suddenly erupt over petty things, basically a different opinion over something can easily trigger this and if alcohol is involved things could get out of hand pretty quickly.  

The key is to not allow yourself to get drawn into this type of situation by remaining calm and by never putting yourself directly in front of someone who is clearly acting in an aggressive manner and looking for a confrontation. Keep your distance and hopefully the situation will be defused quickly.

The usual pattern of behavior for this situation to start is by an exchange of words which can become insulting and threatening, nearly always accompanied by arm waving and gesturing and even throwing objects that might be within reach before coming to physical blows.

Different types of confrontations

Here’s the three main types of confrontations you may have seen or experienced yourself at some time, all are pretty common.

1)    An individual who is gesturing for you to “have a go” from a distance is usually a sign his bark is worse than his bite, in other words he’s more of an exhibitionist rather than a fighter. Unless you say something that really hits a nerve making him suddenly attack you, he’ll probably just be satisfied with a barrage of insults then head off to tell his friends how he won a fight that never even happened! A frustrating situation, but a far better outcome however than an actual fight. Words can hurt for sure, but so can getting beaten senseless.

2)   Occasionally a confrontation can really escalate, when someone not only talks bad but actually gets closer to you and starts pushing and grabbing then this is a very serious threat indeed. Once this has reached that point it will keep escalating till you either do something to make him back off or an outside intervention ends the situation, but at this point simply hoping for the best is not going to help you at all, the talking stage is well and truly over and it’s now time for action!

3)   You might find yourself in a confrontation with someone who skips all the above and goes straight into violence against you. At this point anything goes as you have no idea how far your attacker may take things, he may be satisfied with hitting you a couple of times, but equally he may be satisfied with knocking you down and kicking you in the head while you are helpless on the ground. Passersby may decide to join in and help you, then again they may completely ignore the situation, it can and does happen. The point is once this has reached the physical level you have no way to know just how bad it might get, your life may be in danger at this point, so always act confidently and strike with accuracy

So, to recap here are briefly the three main types of confrontations we just talked about…

1)    Someone who is all talk and has little intention of actually fighting, you are unlikely to be at too much risk from this type of individual apart from being called a few bad names.

2)    Someone who takes the confrontation to the next level by pushing and grabbing. You are at possible risk from this type of individual unless you protect yourself from the possible attack that is very close to happening.

3)    Someone who goes straight into the violence without any kind of warning, you are at most risk from this type of individual. You have no time to be on your guard here as you are at severe risk from an unprovoked attack, the surprise of which can result in serious injury.

Most of the people that like to start fights really have no idea how to fight in the first place! Many are nothing more than bullies picking a fight with someone who doesn’t stand much chance of beating them relying on aggression and intimidation which can work in their favor simply because untrained people don’t know how to handle those two things and are basically beaten before a punch is thrown.

Although anything can happen in a fight there’s a definite trend to what actually does happen, the buildup, such as the posturing and threats is very common as is the grabbing and pushing. Once the fighting actually starts, you’ll nearly always see the big overhead swinging punch with the stronger hand from the person throwing it proving they know nothing about fighting at all! Also wrestling on the ground is another favorite it seems. Real fights are certainly nowhere near as exciting or interesting as the ones you see in the Kung-Fu movies, but of course they are not real.


Act confidently and you might just not have to deal with an attack, attackers are cowards, they are looking for vulnerable and weak people, they are not looking for people who act confidently, it comes down to body language again, just in the way you hold yourself and the way you walk, sends out positive or negative vibes to a potential attacker. Remember, they aren’t out to get you in particular, but someone, so do yourself a favor and learn self-defense. Act confidently and strike with accuracy!

Author: Nigel Taylor

I`m Nigel Taylor – originally from England – owner of The Backyard Gym in Round Rock Texas. We specialize in personal training, kickboxing cardio and self-defense. With over 25 years experience as a personal trainer, I know what works! From weight loss to bulking up to toning up, I can help you get your desired look and achieve your fitness goals. I can also offer you the privacy of a 100% private personal training studio in which to enjoy and get the most out of your workouts.