Deal With the Threat of Attack by Yourself!

Deal with the threat of attack by yourself!

Deal with the threat of attack by yourself! Nice thought to think someone will come to your rescue, but don’t rely on it happening, they might, but then again, they might not! You need to be able to deal with the threat of attack by yourself!

It`s possible no one will be around if and when you get attacked, plus, even if people are around not everyone will want to jump in and help, many will choose to turn a blind eye on the situation. Sad fact, but very true. Don’t rely on others to come to your rescue! Deal with the threat of attack by yourself!

Here’s some helpful advice on keeping yourself safe

Stay in populated areas. While pickpockets like crowded areas, muggers prefer to attack individuals when they’re by themselves. It reduces the chances of witnesses.

So, rule number one of avoiding being mugged: stay in populated areas, and don’t go out alone.

Stay in well-lit areas. Again, muggers like to do their work where they can’t be seen, so if you’re out and about at night, stay in well-lit areas. When you park your car at a store, park it underneath a light. Avoid dark alleys and the like. If you are out at night, keep a tactical flashlight on you. It allows you to identify potential threats and the bright light can momentarily disorient attackers.

Stay discreet. “Gray man” is a phrase you hear a lot in the tactical world. It means dressing and acting in a way that doesn’t bring much attention to yourself. To avoid being mugged, be the gray man. Don’t wear anything that would make you an attractive target to would-be muggers. If you’re going to be in an unsafe part of town, keep the expensive jewelry and watches at home. Dress discretely and in a way that doesn’t suggest you’ve got a lot of money.

Maintain situational awareness. Stay in condition yellow. Know what’s going on in your surroundings. Look for anomalies. This requires you to take off your headphones, keep your head out of your phone, and regularly study up on and test your situational awareness.

If you see a potential threat, move to safety. If you recognize a possible threat, move to safety immediately. And safety usually means well-lit and populated areas.

Also maintain distance between you and your potential attacker. Many muggers will approach you to ask the time. If a shady-looking character approaches you with that kind of question, keep walking while you answer, and be prepared for the attack that might well be coming.

What to Do If You Get Mugged

Don’t rely on others to come to your rescue! You’ve taken all the precautionary steps, but you’re still getting mugged. What do you do then?

Give the mugger what he wants. If you can’t run, just give the mugger what he wants. Your life is worth much more than your wallet or watch. Don’t fight back. Every self-defense expert I’ve talked to recommends this, and these are some tough guys who could take on, and take down, most anyone they wanted — and yet they still say it’s not worth escalating the altercation into violence unless absolutely necessary.

Most muggers just want money from you. If you give them what they want, hopefully, they’ll leave you alone. The majority of armed robberies end without injury.

When you give the wallet to your attacker, do so in a way that maintains distance between you and him. This may mean throwing it to him.

In some instances, muggers will stand near ATMs, point a weapon at you, and demand that you withdraw money for them. Co-cooperate knowing the confrontation will be over soon. This is not the time to act out the moves you saw in the action movie last night, that will get you injured or killed.

Consider a dummy wallet. If you live and work in an area with a high number of muggings, you might consider carrying a “dummy wallet.” It’s a cheap wallet that you fill with a few dollar bills and those promotional cards that credit card companies send you. Keep it in your other back pocket and give it to him when he asks for your wallet.

Maintain situational awareness. You’re going to be spooked during your mugging but do your best to maintain situational awareness. Remember important details about your mugger’s appearance for the police report: height, clothing, hair color, race, tattoos, etc. easier said than done though with the adrenaline racing.

Make noise. Again, muggers want to do their work with as little attention as possible drawn to them. Being extra loud while you interact can scare them off.

Fight back only as a last resort. The basic guideline is to cooperate with your attacker and give him what he wants. There are situations when you should consider fighting back though.

If your attacker is getting extremely close to you and throwing punches or jabbing a knife towards you, you need to defend yourself. Control whatever weapon your attacker is using and unleash violence on them. Use improvised weapons. Gouge eyes, stomp feet, knee groin. Your life may be in danger, do whatever you have to do at this stage.

If your attacker is demanding that you get into a car, do whatever you have to do to not get in the car. Your attacker is likely taking you to a “second crime scene.” You don’t want to go to a second crime scene. These are places that are completely hidden from public view where violent criminals kill/rape/beat their victims.

Crime studies show that a victim’s chances of survival go down once they get to a second crime scene. So, if you’re told to get into a vehicle, fight like your life depends on it — because it probably does. (Even if you end up in the trunk, you can still escape.)

Bag Snatches. Some muggers will not even talk to you, but rather just simply grab a visible item, such as a cell phone, or purse as you are walking. It is fairly obvious that you shouldn’t display possessions of wealth such as expensive watches and jewelry, but people often forget that talking on an expensive cell phone is also a display of possible wealth. Attackers are looking out for such signs in choosing their victim, so while you’re not thinking this way, they certainly are.

A robber may believe that his/her simplest way to get the phone off you is to grab/snatch it as you are using it – they may also believe that if your phone is expensive, you will also have other expensive items on you, and decide to mug you for these as well.

If somebody tries to simply grab a mobile phone, purse or bag etc. let them have it. The chances are they have a “backup plan” such as weapon they can use to make sure that your initial resistance can be overcome easily.

If you can carry your money and any valuables you have about your person, rather than in an external bag or purse; this will mean that you are able to hand over or let an assailant have them without giving them anything of “real” value.


Deal with the threat of attack by yourself! Don’t rely on others to come to your rescue, they might, but then again, they might not!If you play your cards right, with a little thought and preparation you’ll avoid getting attacked in the first place. But if you do, you’ll need to know how to handle it.

Seriously though, you need to deal with the threat of attack by yourself! as it`s possible no one will be around if and when you get attacked, plus, even if people are around not everyone will want to jump in and help, many will choose to turn a blind eye on the situation. Sad fact, but very true.

Self-defense is very popular these days, check what is on offer in your area, the good thing about martial arts is this simple fact; they’re all good, no such thing as a bad martial art, so just find one that suits you best. Remember, don’t rely on others to come to your rescue! They might not!

Author: Nigel Taylor

I`m Nigel Taylor – originally from England – owner of The Backyard Gym in Round Rock Texas. We specialize in personal training, kickboxing cardio and self-defense. With over 25 years experience as a personal trainer, I know what works! From weight loss to bulking up to toning up, I can help you get your desired look and achieve your fitness goals. I can also offer you the privacy of a 100% private personal training studio in which to enjoy and get the most out of your workouts.