One of the Biggest Dangers You’ll Face

One of the biggest dangers you’ll face

One of the biggest dangers you’ll face in a survival situation is an attack from multiple people. Anyone who’s serious about survival needs to be able to defend themselves and their loved ones from all types of violent attacks.

That being said, if you do find yourself outnumbered the odds are seriously against you, you must strike with speed and accuracy to have a chance.

While having a firearm can certainly level the playing field, there are certain times and situations where you might be without one.

But you will always have your hands and feet with you, so knowing self-defense is something that will rapidly increase your chance of survival, even if attacked by multiple people.

So, what can you do when attacked by multiple people?

Facing an attack from one crazed lunatic can be a serious, even life-threatening situation; throw in a couple more psychopaths, and chaos doesn’t even begin to describe what you’re going to face.

Sadly, in today’s world, this scenario has become an increasingly real possibility. Even an innocent trip to the local grocery store can quickly go bad if not prepared to face the very real threats that are out there. When confronted with this type of attack, there are a couple of things you need to do.

Access the situation:

Do you have an escape route? This isn’t about looking cool, and it’s not the time to be Mr. Tough Guy. Survival does not mean fighting; it means escaping as safely as possible, if you have an escape route take it now.

Can you talk your way out of the situation? Talking your way out of an attack is more art than science and takes a considerable amount of street smarts to pull off. But there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind.

  • Telling a group that’s ready to attack to F**k off does nothing to defuse the situation. That may sound like common sense, but during a stressful situation people tend to either panic or let their ego take over and they overreact.
  • Remember you are probably dealing with people who are borderline insane and have nothing to lose. Stay calm & don’t show any fear. These types of people can smell fear, the moment they see it you’ve already lost the battle.
  • Apologize. Sometimes these morons are just trying to look cool in front of the group. Apologizing will allow them to look like the big tough guy, without having to pound in your skull. Might not be what you want to do, but if it saves your life, then it’s worth a try.

If you must fight, then here are some tips that may help

If you have no other options, and your life is in jeopardy, then you need to know how to protect yourself. The following actions should only be taken if your life is in immediate danger.

Watch the group’s body language – Watching the group’s body language will give you a clue to when they’re ready to attack. The following actions may be signs that they are getting ready to attack.

  • Watch for the assailant to do something like removing a hat or shirt.
  • Your attacker may start to make erratic movements such as rubbing his nose, pushing his hair back or clenching his teeth.
  • Watch the group’s eyes; they may start to glance at each other for cues on when to attack.
  • Watch the attacker’s fists; often times they will instinctively tighten them right before they’re ready to attack you.

Weapons – If you’re not carrying one, quickly scan your surroundings. Beer bottles, tree branches, garbage cans, bricks, and even the pen in your pocket can be used as improvised weapons during an emergency situation.

Psychology – Fighting a group does not always mean having to fight the whole group. In fact, your goal is to fight as few of them as possible. Instead of defeating each of their bodies, you must instead destroy their minds.

  • Your first strike must be spectacular, and very visible to the group.
  • The more visible the injury is the greater physiological effect it will have on the rest of the group.
  • The first few seconds of the fight are critical; if you can psychologically defeat the group now, many of them will scatter without ever throwing a punch.

Identify the leader – Who is the strongest link?  This person is your main threat and must be taken out first. Taking out the leader can destroy the group’s willingness to fight and is the first step to surviving an attack.  Remember, you want to create a strong visible injury that will make the group rethink its attack.

Seeing blood pouring out of someone’s nose is a very messy and intimidating sight and will make others think twice about carrying on with their intentions of attacking you.

Where to Attack – In a life or death situation, there are no rules.  Take out their eyes, break their kneecaps, jab them in the throat; do anything you can to win the battle. Your goal is to immobilize the attackers by any means available.

Remember, you are outnumbered, the odds are against you from the start and your life may be in serious danger. Do not hold back!

Disable an attacker quickly!

Remember, if you are attacked by one or more attackers, your priority is to ensure your safety, getting an aggressor or aggressors to let go of you does not end the situation. Many people have been hurt because they didn’t take strong enough measures allowing the attackers to have another go at them, you might not get so lucky second time around so don’t hold back. You may only get one chance to escape. Strike a vital area, and get out of there, quickly! Disable an attacker quickly!

One strike could save you from further danger and give you your best chance to end the situation, so hit hard and hit fast! You don’t have to wait till your attacker punches you before you think of striking them. Once you deliver that first blow do not stand back and see what your attacker decides to do next, keep on going until the threat is dealt with. Remember, while there is still a threat to your safety it is still self-defense and you must do whatever it takes to ensure your safety. Do not hold back with your first strike, make it count. 

You should never reach full extension of your arm before hitting a target with a punch. Many times you will see someone throw a punch with just enough power to reach the intended target almost like they’re afraid of hurting their hand so pull the punch short, the secret is to image your target behind the actual target you are striking ensuring maximum force when delivered, that way your strike is actually still accelerating as it goes into the target area rather than slowing down.

Vulnerable areas to aim for

Disable an attacker quickly! Here`s a few of the most vulnerable and vital areas on the human body, if you can strike out at any of these areas you will have a great chance of surviving any attack you might be facing. You may only get one chance to escape. Don’t waste that chance.

Eyes… Striking the eyes is a great way to escape from an attacker who is much stronger than yourself who has managed to get in close enough to grab you and has you in a bear hug. The technique should see your first two fingers spread and bent slightly ensuring you don’t break your own fingers if you happen to miss the target and strike your attackers forehead instead. Simply push your hand forward and upwards to your attacker’s eyes, aiming a little lower with your fingers sliding up the cheeks into the eye socket is far better than aiming too high.

This move will definitely make someone back off a few seconds if not longer stunning them, but don’t rely on this to end the situation, be prepared to follow it up with something else immediately then make your escape.

Groin… Kicking the groin if timed and aimed correctly can stop an attacker dead in his tracks. It can be a great way to keep your attacker at a distance before he gets in too close to you. However, if you attempt this kick from a distance be aware that if the distance is too far you might not generate enough power to stop your attacker and only land your kick with the tip of your toes should you even strike the desired target.

You are putting yourself in a position of being very off balance as your kicking leg is so extended making it very easy to miss and kick the stomach or leg instead allowing your attacker the chance to grab your leg and push you onto the ground, so don’t gamble everything on this one kick, be prepared to follow it up immediately. But if you do manage to time your kick with the distance perfectly this will end any threat you are under. No matter how big and strong someone is a kick to the groin will disable anyone long enough to ensure your escape and safety. 

Throat… Punching, chopping and squeezing the throat can stop an attacker immediately. Two of the main strikes are the web hand and the straight fingered strike, both are delivered with a hard-straight jabbing action. The web hand strike uses the `L` shape between the thumb and forefinger as a striking surface. The other common throat striking method is to ram straight stiff fingers into the throat.

Action against this particular area can be effectively carried out from a close in range or from a distance as very little pressure is needed to make an attacker back off. However, something to be mindful of is striking with too much force in this area could easily kill someone, so unless your life is in serious danger be very careful when attacking the throat. 

Ears… Attacking the ears is a great way to get yourself out of danger, especially if you should find yourself in some kind of close grab or bear hug type of situation where you simply don’t have enough space to generate any kind of effective strike. Striking the ears in a clapping motion will definitely disorientate your attacker giving you valuable seconds in which to make your escape to safety. 

Shins… The shins have a large number of nerve endings close to the surface of the skin and as such can be a very painful area to receive a kick. Also, the inner side of your foot can be used to slide down an attacker’s shin. Both the impact and pain caused by this action could well be enough to cause your attacker to lose his balance a few seconds and step back. If you happen to be wearing hard shoes, then kicking with your toes will be very effective. If you are grabbed from behind striking the shins is a great area to hit.

Fingers… The fingers offer a great target and are very useful when it comes to getting an attacker to release you from any hold, they may have you in. The beauty of this area is the fact there’s so many of them and pulling, twisting, bending or even breaking a finger can be extremely painful. Any of these actions should help give you the opportunity to escape.

Nose… The nose is a very delicate area and a solid strike against it can seriously knock the fight out of someone very quickly, it’s amazing how someone-even an attacker-can panic when they feel their own blood running out of their nose and into their mouth, the sensation and taste of which can really unsettle someone. A punch, chop or palm-strike are very effective on this particular area whether it be from a distance or close in. Definitely one of the best areas to attack.


Remember, One of the biggest dangers you’ll face in a survival situation is an attack from multiple people, you may only get one chance to escape. So, when attacking these or any other areas with your self-defense moves don’t make the mistake of stepping back and waiting to see what reactions your attackers are showing after you took action. Get out of there immediately! Vital areas are a must! Disable an attacker or attackers quickly!

One carefully aimed strike to a vital area is worth way more than many wild uncontrolled strikes. If you are attacked by multiple people, you won’t have time to waste your punches. Make them count!

Author: Nigel Taylor

I`m Nigel Taylor – originally from England – owner of The Backyard Gym in Round Rock Texas. We specialize in personal training, kickboxing cardio and self-defense. With over 25 years experience as a personal trainer, I know what works! From weight loss to bulking up to toning up, I can help you get your desired look and achieve your fitness goals. I can also offer you the privacy of a 100% private personal training studio in which to enjoy and get the most out of your workouts.