Bosu Ball – Vital Piece of Gym Equipment!

Bosu Ball a Vital Piece of Gym Equipment!

Bosu Ball – Vital Piece of Gym Equipment! BOSU stands for “Both Sides Up” or Both Sides Utilized.” The Bosu ball looks like half an exercise ball mounted on a rigid plastic base. It can be used with the dome side facing up, so it sits flat on the plastic base or as a wobble board with the dome side facing down.

Either way you use it, the unstable surface helps improve balance, whether you stand on the domed surface or on the flat platform with the dome side facing down.  Bosu balls can also be used for strength training, aerobic fitness, for plyometric movements such as jumping activities or for stretching.

The nice thing about using a Bosu ball is that they take up less space than a stability ball and because it is flat on one side, it’s not going to roll away from you the way stability balls frequently do.

A few of the benefits of this unique exercise tool

Improved Balance – This is the obvious one, and goes without saying the Bosu ball, is based on balance, as a beginner you can use something to hold onto until you can master the tool safely. Like anything, start out slowly, simply by standing on the ball for a short amount of time will challenge you, and of course add time as your balance improves.

Improved Body Awareness – As you improve your balance and can spend longer periods of your workout on the Bosu ball you will develop a greater sense of how your body works. A Bosu ball helps you develop a greater awareness of your body’s flexibility and symmetry. It always provides you the ability to be keenly aware of your body’s position.

That sort of body awareness is helpful in all athletic endeavors, and the Bosu ball can help you build it.

Better Core Connection – The Bosu ball is particularly beneficial for your core. Performing core exercises on it will help position your body so that you’re either gravity assisted or resisted, as with any stability ball exercises, but with a base that is more solid.

That solid base allows you a greater range of movement without having to be concerned about your balance. The Bosu ball improves the contractions of your muscles and your control over these contractions.

Improved Coordination – The more time you put in on the Bosu ball, working on your stability and balance, the more your coordination is bound to improve, as they go hand in hand. Balance and coordination are key components of everyday life and are extremely crucial for those who want to excel in athletics as well as improve activities of daily living.

When you think about it, the improved coordination could be the one of the most important benefits, as it is one of the keys to preventing injury when doing anything from working out, to competing to simply going about your daily life.

Improved Stability – Stability can be looked at as the third leg of a very important tripod. Adding improved stability to balance and coordination is one of the reasons that the Bosu ball is an incredible training tool.

There are many types of stability ranging from ankle to core as well as shoulder stability. There are numerous exercises that the Bosu ball could be used for to improve stabilizer muscles.

Once you’ve upped your overall stability you can also progress with more difficult Bosu ball exercises which will add to your overall fitness.

One more benefit that in fact, be the most important one, you have to be completely connected and turned on, utilizing both the left and right side of your brain.

Making the Bosu ball, not just a full body workout, but a full mind workout too. So, give it a try and move towards a more fit, more balanced life.

Balance Training and Workout Intensity – Most gym weight-training machines position you to push and pull on handles that move through set tracks, building muscular strength and endurance, but not the sort of coordination you need to stabilize free weights as they move unrestricted through space. Using free weights like dumbbells and barbells forces your muscles to stabilize and guide the weights and doing your workout on the Bosu ball takes it a step further, forcing your core to work constantly throughout the entire motion.

This is also an excellent way to make easy exercises more challenging; if you can do a full set of pushups, lunges or squats with good form, try doing them on the Bosu ball and you’ll find yourself working harder.

Flexibility Training – Like a stability ball, the Bosu ball has a rounded top — when you place it dome-side up — offers good support for back and abdominal stretches. Just drape yourself over the trainer’s soft dome, facing down or up, and relax to feel the stretch.

You can also place the Bosu ball dome-side down and use it as a “slant board” to stretch your calves; place the ball of one foot on the edge of the rigid plastic, and rest the heel of that foot on the floor. The Bosu ball will tilt beneath you, supporting your foot as you stretch your calf muscles.

Workout Variety and Entertainment – Switching up your workout every few weeks is one of the best ways to keep from hitting a plateau. The changes in your routine force your body to continue adapting to new stimuli, but, perhaps more importantly, they also keep you entertained.

You can easily plan and carry out workouts without the Bosu ball, but if incorporating it keeps you entertained enough to keep working out, or just makes exercising fun again, it’s a worthwhile investment.

My experience using the Bosu Ball

Having had a big background in martial arts and kickboxing, I always had better than average balance and co-ordination and immediately felt at home on the Bosu ball and started using it heavily in my personal training sessions.

Being honest, it wasn’t one of my client’s favorite pieces of equipment at first, but most soon got the hang of it and felt the benefits from using this regularly.

Even in a crowded gym, I simply find a small area and set about a full body workout using the Bosu ball. My training would not be complete now without this versatile piece of gym equipment.

The Bosu Cardio Blast!

As I write this blog, I am actually going to have a professionally filmed video done of a workout I invented called `The Bosu Cardio Blast` which is a full body cardio workout using the Bosu ball. Keep watching my site for more details


The Bosu ball targets the core muscles of your body—those muscles around your abdominal and back area—helping you to not only gain strength, trim, and tone, but to help coordinate your entire body.

This is a versatile piece of equipment that is ideal for static and dynamic balance training. A vital piece of equipment for any gym!

Author: Nigel Taylor

I`m Nigel Taylor – originally from England – owner of The Backyard Gym in Round Rock Texas. We specialize in personal training, kickboxing cardio and self-defense. With over 25 years experience as a personal trainer, I know what works! From weight loss to bulking up to toning up, I can help you get your desired look and achieve your fitness goals. I can also offer you the privacy of a 100% private personal training studio in which to enjoy and get the most out of your workouts.