Everyday Items Make Improvised Weapons

Everyday Items For Improvised Weapons

Everyday items make improvised weapons. Many apparently everyday harmless looking objects can be turned into improvised weapons. Anything that is handheld and heavy can be used as a striking weapon.

Remember, if you are holding an improvised weapon, that might be all your attacker is focusing on, this distraction leaving you with opportunities to attack with jabs, punches or kicks, which in turn can give you openings to utilize the weapon you have distracted them with in the first place.

For home defense, everyday items make improvised weapons too, it’s a good idea to locate objects than can be used as improvised weapons at various areas throughout your home, and get familiar with using them for self-defense. Keep them out of sight and reach of children of course. Can’t be too careful.

Many items that can be used as an improvised weapon

Cell phone light – Since we all seem to have a cell phone stuck in our hands, make use of it by shining the camera light directly in your attacker’s eyes simply by holding it out with one hand giving you the option to deliver a powerful punch with your other hand, while they are caught off guard by the light in their eyes.

Car key knuckle duster – You can arrange a bunch of keys into an improvised knuckle duster by inserting an individual key between each finger of one hand and gripping the center of the bunch in your palm. Have them easily accessible in your pocket, not at the bottom of a bag.

Steel pen – The best pen to be used as a weapon are the ones with a steel barrel, plastic ones work too, but can shatter upon impact, exposing your hands to cuts. Hold the pen in the center of your fist pointing downward, and deliver heavy stabbing strikes to your opponent’s arms, upper body, face and eyes. Basically anywhere you can hit will inflict pain to an attacker.

Use a bag as a shield – Improvised weapon aren’t just for attack, they can easily be used as defensive shields, such as a bag or back pack for example, can be used as a shield to protect against fists and weapon attacks.

Everyday weapons can be lethal – In everyday situations, the most common form of improvised weapons are cutlery and glassware, or gardening tools. Be mindful that the injuries inflicted by such items can be very serious and possibly lethal. S only use them if your life is in danger.

Credit card defense – Plastic credit cards can have surprisingly sharp edges. They can be used as slashing weapons, with a firm grip scrape with the corner across your attackers face, particularly the eyes. Even the toughest of people can’t take that kind of pain, and will back off.

Soda can blade – An aluminum soda can be turned into a weapon in a matter of seconds. Empty the drink and crush the can, an action that will produce many sharp cutting edges. One downside to this of course is that you might cut yourself too, but that’s a small price to pay if it prevents injury from the attack.

Drink distraction – If you happen to be carrying a drink, you can throw the contents into your attackers face as a distraction. If the drink is hot coffee, even better! The scalding effect can be enough to deter your attacker from pursuing you further.

Belts – If you’re wearing a leather belt, you already have one of the most versatile tools available with you. The best thing about it is it can also be used as a weapon and a restraint.

A belt with a big and heavy buckle (like rodeo buckles) can cause wounds, but any heavy-duty belt will do and leave at least stinging bruises. Wrap your belt around your hand and leave 6 – 12 inches of the buckled end and use it like a flail. Don’t leave out too much and be mindful of your swing—it’s just as easy to hit yourself if you’re not careful.

You can also use your belt to choke your attacker if the opportunity presents itself. Utilize your belt on your enemy after neutralizing them as an immobilizing or restraining device until help arrives.

Wrist watch – Turn your metal wristwatch into a quick and easy knuckleduster by holding the bracelet inside your fist and positioning its face across your middle knuckles.

Keep in mind that the impact of this move will likely break your timepiece. But you can write off the destruction of your watch, if it was that expensive. Losing your wristwatch will be a small price to pay if it saves your life. A watch can be replaced, your life cannot.

Newspaper club – You can get them almost anywhere, take them anywhere, and transform them into a weapon in less than a minute.

Take a newspaper, open it and roll it top-to-bottom as tight as you can. After that’s done, fold it in half. You now have a weapon! Used in a stabbing motion against the tender parts of the body, this improvised weapon can deliver serious pain on your attacker and provide you a window for escape.

Chairs – If you’re sitting on a chair, you can quickly use it to protect yourself. Lift the chair, its seat against your body and the legs pointed towards your attacker. This provides some distance between you and your attacker and at the same time you’re protecting most of your upper body.

The key to using this method is a stable stance so you won’t trip and get pinned by your own weapon. Spread your legs farther apart, with one slightly to the rear, and move your body weight slightly forward. You can push the chair against the enemy and pin them down with the legs, deflect their weapon, or throw it at them.

One of the biggest disadvantages to using this item as a weapon, depending on the kind of chair that you’re using, is the weight. It will tire you down quickly, so disable your attacker as soon as you can or keep them from hitting you until you can make your escape.

Umbrellas – You can use an umbrella to attack or distract your assailant in times of need. Opening the umbrella provides the distraction you need as it obscures their view and can trip them up as they’re approaching you, thus buying you time to escape or grab onto something that’s better to defend yourself with.

However, if you’re not interested in using it as a distraction, an umbrella can be swung like most other long, solid objects to deliver a painful blow to your attacker.

Hornet spray –  is pepper spray on steroids. The former can usually shoot up to 20 feet and provides a much more directed stream than you find with the latter. What’s more, the chemical used in hornet spray is much more potent than pepper spray and can potentially permanently blind an attacker.

Keep in mind, that due to the possible maiming effects of hornet spray, one should only use it in life-threatening situations (like during a home invasion). Using hornet spray as an everyday self-defense tool is illegal in most jurisdictions.

Glass BottlesA glass bottle to the head or other vital body part can cause a concussion, cuts or fractured bones. Glass bottles are one of the most common improvised weapons used, resulting in numerous injuries yearly.

If you have a tall and heavy bottle nearby, you can use it as a melee club with its liquid content adding to its mass. If there are enough bottles around, you can throw them at your attacker to deter them from closing the gap between you. Just remember to not throw everything away and save one as your melee weapon in case the aggressor keeps up with their attack.

While it’s common practice in the movies, breaking the bottle right away to make a shank isn’t recommended because glass bottles break in unpredictable ways— while it can look intimidating, it’s easy for you to cut yourself, or the resulting piece is too small as to be useless.

Kitchen UtensilsWhether you know it or not, your kitchen contains the most viable weapons for Self-defense instruments in your home. Whilst forks and knives are usually your first thought when it comes to defending yourself in the kitchen, you shouldn’t discount the other bits of cutlery and crockery you have lying around.

Mugs, bowls, and plates can cause a lot of damage if shattered against your attacker, especially if the glass or ceramic shards manage to break the skin. Your pots and pans also make excellent bludgeoning tools.

They’re heavy, easily handled, and can knock out an assailant if aimed at the right part of their body. The best place to aim for when using a pot or pan is the back of the head or the face and buy you enough time to escape and call for help.


If you find yourself attacked, you need to come up with a defense quickly. Unless you have overwhelming odds on your side, escape should be your priority. There’s really no way to accurately predict how a fight will turn out, and there are many things that could go wrong against you.

But if running is not an option and you’re forced to square off against your attacker barehanded, it’s reassuring to have a defensive tool to back you up. Weapons for Self-defense are very important for this reason.

What you just read, are just some of the most common items that can be you used as weapons for Self-defense to protect yourself in the event of an attack, but with enough creativity, there are a lot more that you can use if an assault against you does happen and you’re caught unprepared. So remember, you can defend yourself with almost anything, and everyday items make improvised weapons.

Author: Nigel Taylor

I`m Nigel Taylor – originally from England – owner of The Backyard Gym in Round Rock Texas. We specialize in personal training, kickboxing cardio and self-defense. With over 25 years experience as a personal trainer, I know what works! From weight loss to bulking up to toning up, I can help you get your desired look and achieve your fitness goals. I can also offer you the privacy of a 100% private personal training studio in which to enjoy and get the most out of your workouts.