Happy Halloween! Too many treats of candy?

Happy Halloween! Too many treats of candy? The trick is the treats!

Happy Halloween! Too many treats of candy? Halloween, many diets get a scare too, and it`s here tonight! – as i write this blog, and for many, it`s the beginning of the end, where healthy diet is concerned with too many bad eating occasions to follow. Don’t let your diet get a scare at Halloween, it could be the beginning of the end as far as healthy eating goes this year. See if you can relate to this blog…


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End of year madness! It all starts now

Happy Halloween! For many of us the last 3 months of the year can be pretty tough with these 3 events or holidays leading to eating and drinking in excess. Plus it`s not the greatest time of year weather wise either, not the most motivating time for sure with early dark nights, rain, cold and even snow. Unless of course you like those things, but I certainly don’t.

October comes around and you’re feeling out of shape so decide to do something about it, but your mind is asking you what`s the point of starting now? May as well wait until the New Year now, but why? By then you’ll be even more out of shape than you already are! 

Doesn’t make sense, but I`m sure you have known many people who have waited till the New Year to start working out and dieting under the charade named New Year`s resolution, it usually lasts 2-3 weeks when they suddenly discover it’s not what they really wanted because it`s a whole lifestyle change that`s required, most aren’t prepared to give up the bad one for a better healthier one.

There’s three main events to survive up till to the New Year that can seriously set someone back to the point of no return leaving them in way worse shape than they need to be, that’s even before the New Year even arrives!

Halloween can be scary for diet too!

This is the start of the downfall for many people. How many times have you bought a big bag of Halloween candy weeks before the event? How many times have you snacked on that big bag of Halloween candy demolishing it before the event? Then you find yourself buying yet another bag because now you are feeling guilty that you have nothing to hand out to the little kids that will be coming around. You ate all their candy! Happy Halloween!

The chances are second time around you have purchased a bigger bag or even two bags of Halloween candy because now you are craving the sugar like crazy and it’s all downhill from this moment on, after the last kids have been around you are left with a bowl full of candy that you will steadily snack on leading up to the next event.

Thanksgiving, Turkey and more Turkey!

Three weeks after Halloween and Thanksgiving rolls around which means lots more food! Usually turkey is most people’s favorite choice of meat, one slight problem with that is of course turkey contains tryptophan which seems to make you sleepy, I have read several reports that turkey doesn’t contain any more tryptophan than other meats but how many times have you ate your Thanksgiving meal and just fell asleep afterwards? You have no desire or energy to walk off that big meal and of course you have lots of turkey to snack on leading up to the next event.

Christmas, Time to eat more and more!

By the time Christmas has arrived you’ve tricked yourself into thinking everything will be fine, a little more turkey and excessive eating then it’s the New Year and it’s time for you to start working out and dieting…or is it? A few obstacles to get around before then.

You have several parties to attend with lots of drinking and eating to be done, after all, it’s Christmas, and this is what we do right?  The works party, a friend`s party and another friend’s party etc. everyone wants to party at Christmas it seems.

After surviving all three of these events you have most likely gained a few extra pounds plus your mind is much less likely to respond positively when you do start exercising. You are much more out of shape now than you were three months ago when you bought that first bag of Halloween candy.

Both body and mind are not at their best when the New Year finally comes around and you start working out and dieting, you have spent the last three months on a food train with no brakes and it’s been going downhill seriously out of control! But, it doesn’t have to be quite this bad.

Helpful advice

Here’s a few options that might make the build up to the New Year a little easier for you.

  1. Halloween…Limit yourself to one bag of candy to hand out to the kids and don’t buy it weeks in advance, make sure it’s all gone on the night, with nothing left over you won’t be tempted to be snacking on that junk.
  2. Thanksgiving…Try Ham instead of the usual Turkey, you’ll probably feel less tired afterwards, make yourself walk around the block after your meal.  Don’t buy such a big Turkey or Ham, just one big enough for the day itself will be sufficient.
  3. Christmas…Hopefully if you followed the above advice you won’t be quite so out of control by this stage. Limit yourself to a few parties, you don’t need to be drinking and eating every night in excess. Put the brakes on a little here, you can still enjoy yourself but don’t push it to the point of ruining your New Year’s resolution. Remember? You’re soon going to be exercising and dieting. Don’t fall into that trap of being so out of shape that your mind talks you out of it immediately.


Bottom line is, the whole thing is a mind battle! Your mind can be both your best friend and your worst enemy when it comes to diet and exercise! Don’t let your diet get a scare at Halloween, it could be the beginning of the end as far as healthy eating goes this year. Happy Halloween! Too many treats of candy?

Author: Nigel Taylor

I`m Nigel Taylor – originally from England – owner of The Backyard Gym in Round Rock Texas. We specialize in personal training, kickboxing cardio and self-defense. With over 25 years experience as a personal trainer, I know what works! From weight loss to bulking up to toning up, I can help you get your desired look and achieve your fitness goals. I can also offer you the privacy of a 100% private personal training studio in which to enjoy and get the most out of your workouts.