A Real Life Attack Will Test You to the Max!

A Real Life Attack Will Test You to the Max!

A Real Life Attack Will Test You to the Max! Being attacked is nothing like a training session! If you are attacked out in the streets, this is the real deal and no matter how much training you might have done cannot prepare you for the level of violence your attacker may be capable of inflicting on you.

The shock of being attacked for real can stun even the most competent of martial artists, while their brain is trying to accept what’s happening the adrenaline is in overdrive! So always accept the fact you might be next, no one is immune from attack, it’s how you handle the situation that matters.

There are many people that have never done martial arts in their entire life, but instead have fought and won numerous real street fights.

All the martial arts classes and even sparring will not prepare you if you are suddenly confronted with someone who is hell bent on causing you serious injury.

The type that just attack without warning, where you have to act instantly to have a chance, this is where you quickly realize all the training you have done hasn’t prepared you for the level of violence that’s now coming your way. This is the real deal and you better have a plan of action to deal with it quickly, as you may only get one chance to survive.

They may be high on drugs or alcohol which can add to the problems you now about to face. Not everyone is a happy drunk, and when high on drugs, some turn extremely violent.

Nothing will prepare you for a real fight, the level of violence can be shocking, where there are no rules, and if you go down, the attack may well continue. There is no referee to jump in and save you and no bell will sound to tell your attacker he has to wait until the next round to continue his attack!

The explosion of adrenaline can paralyze the most well studied fighter if he has only experienced training sessions, who suddenly finds himself in a real-life fight situation. It can and does happen.

I personally know many black belts who look great in training sessions but would have to question their chances in a real street fight. Many get caught up in the game of flying through the different colored belts as fast as possible and getting that fancy certificate, seeing that as the main challenge, rather than truly being able to defend themselves.

No amount of training will prepare you for a real-life attack situation! Knowing Self-defense does not make you invincible even among those who have achieved a high level in the martial arts. This way of thinking is the misguided belief that somehow fights can be clean and controlled, and that knowing advanced techniques can guarantee victory. This is simply not true, and again, Being attacked is nothing like a training session!

Can you really put your self-defense skills to use?

Being attacked is nothing like a training session! When attacked many people’s knowledge of self-defense is immediately thrown out of the window as they are engulfed in fear, panic and adrenaline! You will never know how you will react to a real-life attack until it happens.

An attacker doesn’t come at you in the same convenient way you experience during your training sessions, where you know what to expect and know what move you are about to do in defense. But of course, there’s no other way you can learn without knowing what’s going to happen before it does in training. In real life attack however, it`s a very different matter.

Could you seriously put someone in an arm lock that is really trying to hurt you? Again, this is not like a training session where all the moves are pre-planned, where your training partner is throwing soft punches that if you don`t block in time won`t cause you any kind of harm.

In a real life attack the punch coming towards your face is like a missile compared to what you experienced in your training classes. You`ll get one chance and one chance only to block this, then counterattack it, if you fail you may well be knocked down or even knocked out! At that stage your only hope is they run off and don’t continue the attack.

Could you seriously throw someone that is really trying to hurt you? Again, this is not like a training session where all the moves are pre-planned, where your training partner is standing still patiently waiting for you to throw them!

In a real life attack your attacker will be struggling violently and certainly won`t be stood in a comfortable position that makes them easy to throw. Trying to get yourself in the same position you use in training where you can perform the throw could leave you in a situation where they drag you backwards onto the ground. And then what? You are now in unfamiliar territory where you are at your attacker’s mercy!

Could you seriously perform the same quality of kicks and punches wearing regular clothes in a real-life attack? Again, this is not like a training session in most martial arts where all the moves are not only pre-planned, but also, where you are wearing your Gi that allows you to move freely, and where you are bare-footed.

In a real life attack you might be out on the town or coming home from work or the store wearing work clothes or tight jeans, shirts and fashionable but uncomfortable boots and shoes etc. which can seriously restrict your movement holding you back from performing kicks and other techniques in the fashion you are used to in training.


Now understand I am in no way knocking self-defense classes, I think they are fantastic! it is a valuable and very interesting thing to be involved in. My point is to make people realize self-defense training and a real-life attack are two of the most opposite things you will ever encounter, and no amount of training will prepare you for the real thing. Remember, being attacked is nothing like a training session, We can only hope you never have to find this out.

Please stay safe out there!

Author: Nigel Taylor

I`m Nigel Taylor – originally from England – owner of The Backyard Gym in Round Rock Texas. We specialize in personal training, kickboxing cardio and self-defense. With over 25 years experience as a personal trainer, I know what works! From weight loss to bulking up to toning up, I can help you get your desired look and achieve your fitness goals. I can also offer you the privacy of a 100% private personal training studio in which to enjoy and get the most out of your workouts.